Wamly is one-way video interview software that helps the world hire better people faster. Founded in 2018 by industrial psychologist and talent expert Francois de Wet, Wamly is a future-focused and solution-driven brand that promises to provide the most rewarding recruiting experience. We believe that there are thousands of talented people out there who want to work, and thousands of great companies out there trying to find talented people.

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Recruiting labour shouldn’t be laborious. 
If you hate sitting through tedious,  hour-long interviews with candidate after inadequate candidate, only to end up with ‘average’ then you know why the founders of Wamly decided to reinvent the entire process. 
We asked, “Can technology help companies hire better people faster?”
Our frustration became our salvation! Today our video-based platform allows organisations of all sizes to recruit smarter. Prerecorded submissions cut interviews from hours to minutes and the recruitment process down to a fraction. Templates help to set the right questions and collaboration and filtering tools bring more opinions into the final decision.
We’re winning awards, saving customers buckets of time and helping them create a better work family - Wamly.

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