Building growth from Human Capital intelligence

The ability to scale and speed-up process, to turn analytics in a predictive insight, and personalise the workplace for employees is dependent upon connected systems, and these are dependent upon robust data. Getting a proper handle on the data that it generates and manages is one of HR’s biggest current challenges.

And it’s a challenge that, if not acted upon, will only get worse as more and more technologies create more and more data. Current confidence in data in HR is low and with it, the credibility of HR leaders.

Facing the challenge head on and becoming a data leader requires establishing proper data management protocols, effective training and embracing accountability. This will enable hyperconnectivity and unlock multiple benefits, not just for HR, but the wider business, customers and in particular employees.

The rewards will be felt in systems that connect and empower HR heads to deliver increasingly powerful insights around employee productivity and talent risk, scale processes, and deliver employee experiences that positively change the traditional working model.

The price of failing to keep up with the times will be HR departments that struggle to deliver basic functions as the volume of data, the demands of executives on reporting, and the demands of employees on modern and flexible working models, all increase unrelentingly. Embracing disruption to overcome these barriers, as we will go on to see, is intrinsically linked to greater business growth and long-term success.

For those stuck on their transformation journey, there’s light at the end of the tunnel – will you take the next step?

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