COVID-19 Rem. Practices (SA) SMME Report

Taking into account the impact of COVID-19, organisations globally are adjusting their pay practices to match the unique business environment in which we find ourselves.

The need for business owners and RemCo’s to know what % salary increase is being targeted for the annual increases cycle is now more important than ever. This is a difficult number to predict without input from companies on the ground, battling with the impact of Covid-19 on business performance and affordability. In normal times, we run our increases survey biannually to forecast (as accurately possible) the increases that organisations will be granting to staff, as well as the reasons for differentiation. We have run this survey for years, sharing our expertise in setting pay levels that keep you competitive – allowing you to attract and retain the requisite calibre of staff in challenging times.

The purpose of this report is to help organisations understand the impact of COVID-19 on the South African economy, as well as the collective response of organisations within the South African Corporate Market. This in turn will assist in guiding decision-makers to support the continued operations of their organisations, as well as illustrate ways in which organisations are supporting their most vulnerable employees, potentially suffering with chronic disease & economic hardship. 

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