Delivering modern experiences your employees expect

Unfortunately, many organizations still rely on legacy on-premises systems to manage their business. These systems were designed for desk-bound HR and finance professionals a generation ago, not for the new workplace and requirements that we are facing today.

Managing a modern business requires continuous innovation and adaptability, to create new and better experiences. When you empower your workforce with the latest technologies, they gain access to real-time information across the world—from a laptop in a New York home office to a smartphone on the go in Beijing—enabling employees to make decisions then and there, on the spot.

On-premises systems of the past may have been cutting edge when they were released, but now they’re holding organizations back. Of course, organizations could continue to get by—the same way you could still use a paper map to get around today. But could and should are two different things.

For organizations to succeed in a rapidly evolving business environment, they need agile, intelligent, and intuitive solutions that on-premises systems can’t deliver. Download this whitepaper by Oracle to find out why HR must move to the cloud in order to deliver the modern experiences their employees expect.

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