How to select the most effective cloud software to digitise your labour relations processes

Many organisations have by now successfully digitised many of their HR processes including their employee records, payroll and recruitment with all these processes now being carried-out more efficiently and effectively online.

However, arguably some of the most complex and risky HR processes in any organisation are it’s labour relations activities, which unfortunately have lagged in the race to be digitised.

Many line managers, human resource personnel, and other stakeholders, are still carrying out these important labour relations tasks manually.

The complicating issue with labour relations is that it is heavily regulated and because its practice is so widespread across an organisation, it involves many role players and they generally all have differing degrees of knowledge and experience of labour relations matters.

The purpose of this white paper is to help organisations understand all the risks of continuing with manual paper-based labour relations processes, and then provide a practical guide to select the most effective labour relations cloud technology solution.

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