The hybrid workplace

Covid-19 has forever changed the world of work. As we emerge from the world’s largest work from home experiment, employees and organisations are realising there’s no going back.

Over the past year, millions of employees have proven they don’t need to be in the office, five days a week, to perform their roles.

The Revolution Report looks at the survey conducted by TalentSmith on the expectations and impact of hybrid work. 1000 business leaders and employees were surveyed across the world, all aged 18 and above, to provide multigenerational and regional insights into the workforce.

The findings include:

  • The undeniable realization: employees and businesses thrive with greater flexibility
  • Hybrid work is poised to become the new norm
  • Businesses think they’re doing a better job at hybrid work than they really are
  • A major disconnect between leaders and employees is paving the way for a monumental retention crisis
  • The current state of work is unsustainable


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