Besa Muthuri looks forward to travelling the world in her new role


She says she is most excited about bringing a positive change to Africa Chartered Managers.

Newly appointed as CHRO executive advisor at Africa Chartered Managers, Besa Muthuri says she looking forward to travelling around the world and meeting different C-Suite executives as well as providing training on HR value creation, offering data driven insights, strategic HR trends and the role of CHROs in meeting organisational objectives.

Africa Chartered Managers is a public sector consulting organisation that aids with influencing government policy to support service delivery decision-making in the public interest.

Besa, who joined the organisation in June 2023, previously held the role of acting GE: HR & legal services at the Agricultural Research Council. She holds an undergraduate degree in public administration, an MBA in corporate social responsibility, an MSc and an MA in industrial relations from the University of Nottingham and Queen’s University, respectively. Besa also serves on a number of community boards.

Speaking to CHRO South Africa, Besa says she is ready for the new challenges and is looking forward to providing realistic solutions that meet public and private clients objectives and budgets. “Ï want to create solutions that fit their vision, culture, and structure that can be implemented in their own environment,” she added.

“We collaborate with C-Suite executives and senior management to develop strategic HR agendas – redefining HR priorities considering business needs. We review and strengthen key HR processes, and thus clarify and eloquently communicate the direction of the organisation. Expert guidance is provided in transformation strategies accordingly.

“As a whole, we help to shape and establish company cultures and expected competences best suited to the needs of the companies. HR and transformation are aligned. Faced with today’s uncertainty through the business landscape, HR leaders now play a pivotal role in what some say is a paradigm shift in the industry. Organisations are increasingly recognising talent as a top priority. Along with it, they are also recognising the importance of the HR professional, whose role has never been more integral or critical to the bottom line.”

Navigating the industry

Besa, who is also nominated for the CHRO Awards South Africa 2023 for her role at Agricultural Research Council , says being recognised for her accomplishments is one of her career highlights.

“I have also been nominated for the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) HRO 2023 for my contribution to the HR field and redefining excellent people strategies and practices has been a great highlight.”

Speaking to the current challenges facing the industry, Besa says executive uncertainty in a changing world is top of mind for her, “The professional workplace we need today might look very different to the one we valued so much yesterday. As well as challenges related to employee motivation, we all aim for a motivated and energised workforce to meet business objectives.”

She says other key challenges are redesigning the employee value proposition to suit the future work of HR, leaning into our strategic impact as CHROs, upskilling and re-skilling, re-engaging the workforce and attracting and retaining talent with an excellent employee experience, as well as promoting talent mobility and skill building with regards to quiet hiring.

“HR is a great and satisfying profession. Never give up, and love what you do so that you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

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