Bohlale Paile has joined WeBuyCars


The new head of HR has been focusing on building relationships and understanding the business.

As the head of HR at WeBuyCars, Bohlale Paile is responsible for the strategic ideation and execution of the human capital element of the business.

Having joined a new industry, Bohlale says she has spent a lot of time understanding the business and its operations.

“Building relationships and bedding down some basics has been a key focus at the moment. I’m most proud of how I have built relationships within my immediate team, as I never underestimate the importance of ensuring that you have a team that sees and backs you as the head,” says Bohlale.

Prior to her current role, Bohlale was the head of HR and talent for Transaction Capital and head of graduate recruitment and development at Bowmans. She has 13 years’ experience in HR.

“A huge focus area in my career has been on young talent where I focused on the attraction strategy, recruitment and the development process as well. My focus lately has been on the full HR life cycle across an organisation,” she says.

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