Choose an L&D partner that will help you inculcate practical skills and ethical leadership

Milpark Education, an L&D provider, empowers its clients to pursue sustainable business practices.

A leading South African financial institution has a learning and development (L&D) programme that aims to deliver higher education qualifications for its staff. Milpark Education, the financial institution’s L&D partner, has been curating what Leigh-Anne Hayward, Milpark Education’s chief commercial officer, describes as a “learning journey with articulation into higher education qualifications. Our qualifications are underpinned by a learning philosophy that inculcates future fit skills like critical and creative thinking, complex problem solving and cognitive flexibility. We deliver solutions that add value to the business and help clients see a return on investment, by, for example, building relevant, client-specific case studies, into our modules.”

She explains: “This allows for the immediate, practical application of learned concepts during our qualification where success can be measured based on the knowledge gained AND the execution of the knowledge.”

Milpark’s team of highly skilled and competent L&D specialists take their clients through a consultative process, offering support and expert advice. Their solutions range from NQF level 5 through to NQF level 10, including learnership qualifications and higher education qualifications. They also offer a range of Executive Education programmes, short courses and online programmes. Milpark has the ability and skill to co-design bespoke solutions for clients to meet their strategic business objectives and requirements.

Dr Jane Usher, head of department at Milpark’s Business School, explains that, “There is always valuable theory in a book, however the actual magic happens when students apply this knowledge, with the support of our learning philosophy, which then promotes their constant involvement and engagement in the learning process. It is through this immersion that we build into our Learning Journeys and modules, that the knowledge and the skills start being inculcated into behaviours, and the competence is learned.”

This is the cornerstone of Milpark’s learning philosophy and is achieved through partnering with their clients and working closely with their business partners and their L&D departments to curate solutions that address the identified learning and developmental needs within the business.

Jane says, “In an ever-changing business climate, there is a need for businesses to partner with educational institutions who are equipped to pivot and realign to meet these demands. Take the current climate, for instance, which has hastened L&D departments’ moves to offering blended and online learning offerings. Milpark was fortunately already able to support our clients in this regard.”

Jane adds, “At Milpark, we believe ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’. Our solutions and qualifications deliver on our promise of inculcating future-fit skills for sustainable business practices and enable students who have journeyed with us to navigate changing environments effectively.”