One on one with Brigitte Padayachee and her mentee Tashya Singh


HR director at Oneplan Insurance Brigitte Padayachee and her mentee, Tashya Singh, share their thoughts on their mentoring journey.

Brigitte, what have been the most important things you have tried to impart to your mentee, and why?

Throughout our journey, there have been a few crucial lessons that I have imparted to Tashya to support her success. One of the most important qualities I’ve emphasised is integrity. I’ve encouraged her to always uphold honesty, authenticity, and ethical behaviour in all aspects of her life. When all else fails, you will always have your integrity!

I’ve highlighted the value of being a lifelong learner. I’ve encouraged Tashya to embrace curiosity and approach every experience as an opportunity to learn something new.

It’s been essential for me to help Tashya understand her own value and capabilities. This positive reinforcement helps her recognise her own potential and silences self-doubt.

I’ve stressed the importance of recognising her intrinsic worth beyond her professional achievements. By focusing on her passions, values, and the positive impact she can make in her community and the world, she cultivates a sense of purpose that goes beyond conventional success metrics.

Tashya, what have been some of the most valuable lessons you have learnt from your mentor, and how have they been useful in your development and career?

Integrity, which is of paramount importance, and the cornerstone of respect and trust, was my biggest and most significant lesson. You increase your chances of gaining the respect and trust of your team and others, as well as credibility and a good reputation, by acting and speaking with integrity. This was a significant and incredible learning experience for me, one that I will undoubtedly pass on to my current and future mentees.

Brigitte, what have you learned from your mentee in the process? And how has it helped you as a leader?

Tashya has also been a source of valuable insights and learning for me throughout our journey. The exchange of knowledge and experiences has been a two-way street, benefitting both of us in unique ways.

Interacting with Tashya has given me the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership challenges. As I guide her through various situations, I often find myself re-evaluating my own approaches and solutions. By listening to her unique viewpoints and experiences, I’ve gained a broader understanding of various issues and approaches. This has made me more adaptable and open-minded as a leader.

Observing Tashya’s efforts to balance her professional aspirations with her family commitments has reminded me of the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tashya, what do you think the current generation of business leaders could learn from those who are coming up?

I certainly believe that being open, creating positive change by taking responsibility, and being passionate about the work you do and the people you lead is top of mind. Making unselfish decisions and having a vision and focus that others can look up to all will definitely make one stand out and shine bright as a leader.

Leaders that have the mindset on how to adapt and learn can be a great influence on the people and places/organisations they lead, whether it be a team in work or an entire department. Leaders with a will and hunger to learn can help inspire learning in others, whether this is their employees or coworkers.

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