Humsha Ramgobin leads HR transformation at Mediclinic


Humsha Ramgobin aims to drive global HR strategy and gender equality in her new role as group chief HR officer.

Seasoned HR professional Humsha Ramgobin has been appointed as the group chief HR officer at Mediclinic.

Prior to this appointment, where she now forms part of the group executive committee and leads the group HR committee, she was the CHRO for the healthcare group.

Speaking exclusively to CHRO South Africa, Humsha says she is looking forward to collaborating with other senior executives to align the HR function with the company’s overall business strategy.

“I am truly grateful for the global platform as it certainly creates an exciting and rewarding opportunity for me to shape the world of work in a more human way within the healthcare environment. Moving into a global CHRO role will certainly stretch my skills, capabilities, and personal growth. I am looking forward to the challenge to develop new perspectives, adapt to different environments, and continue to build my resilience and agility to operate effectively in a multinational context,” she says.

Humsha boasts over 25 years’ experience, 15 of which were in executive roles across complex, regulated, multi-location organisations within the consumer goods, retail and financial services sectors.

She has held numerous senior human resources roles at Massmart, ABSA/Barclays, AVI Group, Woolworths and Clicks before joining Mediclinic Southern Africa as chief HR officer in October 2022.

“I’ve had the good fortune to have worked across many diverse industries and exposure to various business transformation projects. My focus has also been on new business development and I have driven the HR strategy development and execution of several new business concepts, mergers and acquisition, and reorganisations. This transformational HR experience has enabled me to achieve significant success in designing and implementing HR strategic objectives into tangible business solutions,” she says..

Working for multinational companies also gave me the exposure to work across many countries and has allowed me to broaden my horizons and enhance my interpersonal and leadership skills. I am hoping that with my current knowledge and experience I am able to continue to build on my strategic leadership skills, and shape the future of HR practices globally.”

For Humsha, moving to exco level as a woman could not have happened at a better time with August being Women’s month: “This is a significant achievement in breaking barriers, as historically, executive leadership roles, including C-suite positions, have been predominantly held by men. I am now able to add my voice in challenging gender stereotypes and demonstrating that women are equally capable of leading at the highest levels of an organisation. I would like to use this platform to advocate for gender equality, implement policies that support work-life integration, and foster a culture that encourages equal opportunities for all employees.”

She adds she is also hoping to serve as a role model for other aspiring female professionals to pursue their ambitions, believe in their abilities, and strive for leadership roles within their organisations or industries.

“I believe having women in executive positions contributes to greater diversity and inclusion in organisations. Women leaders bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and approaches to decision-making, which can lead to more innovative and effective strategies.”

Her advice for young women who aspire to have a career like her? “Firstly I would recommend that you pursue a relevant educational path that provides a strong foundation in your field of work and gain practical experience, develop a diverse skill set that extends beyond your field of work and cultivate skills in leadership, build a strong professional network within your work community and get a mentor, be confident in your abilities and advocate for yourself throughout your career. Be persistent, resilient, and have the ability to overcome challenges. Remember that every career journey is unique, so be open to seizing unexpected opportunities and adapting your path along the way. Stay focused, work hard and have fun along the way!”

Humsha holds a BA Honours in social work (University of KZN), a BA Honours in organisational psychology (Unisa) and a Coaching Certification (UCT Graduate School).

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