Investec increases women representation in its group executive team


Lesley-Anne Gatter becomes Investec’s global head of people and organisation.

Lesley-Anne Gatter was previously head of people and organisation in South Africa at Investec. She now replaces Marc Kahn as global head of P&O and joins the group executive team to steward the group’s people strategy across the globe.

The company has also announced the appointment of Barbara-Ann King as CEO of Investec Wealth and Investment UK.

“Gatter and King’s appointments increase female representation on the Group Executive Team to 21 percent (previously 9 percent) further reflecting Investec’s commitment to belonging, inclusion and diversity,” the company says.

According to Investec, the changes are aimed at creating a leadership cohort that will support the company through its next phase of growth.

“Over the past three years we have concentrated our efforts on creating a simplified and focused business. We are now confident that Investec is well placed to pursue disciplined growth in the long term via greater integration across our deep specialisations,” said Fani Titi, Investec group chief executive. “To realise this ambition, it is essential that we continue to ensure appropriate and meaningful succession across our global leadership team.

“Investec is extremely fortunate to enjoy such a deep and strong complement of leaders, who are passionate about what we can achieve. We are delighted to have made all these new appointments from within the business, and would also like to acknowledge the immense contribution made by those who are changing roles,” adds Titi. “This is a very exciting time for the business and I am confident that Investec is well positioned to seize the opportunities ahead.”

Lesley-Anne said about her appointment: “I feel extremely fortunate to join such a deep and strong complement of leaders, who are passionate about an out of the ordinary culture, which enables our compelling employee proposition. I’m excited about the opportunity to be part of stewarding Investec’s global people strategy at a time when organisational purpose and creating enduring worth for all stakeholders is a unique leadership challenge.
Investec’s commitment to inclusion and diversity, reflected by the recent appointments, enables the role so deeply.”

Commenting on her appointment, Barbara-Ann King said, “I am proud to lead Investec Wealth & Investment together with such a talented team, which has built strong foundations due to its out of the ordinary commitment to clients. Our continued focus on building sustainable value through world-class service and truly diverse people, our innovative thinking and appreciation of our role and duty in society, places us in good stead to be a trusted partner to this next generation to inherit, protect and grow their wealth.”

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