Learn about financial wellness as a workplace benefit at HR Indaba Online


Join Momentum’s Emda Fourie as she dives into managing the financial stress triggered by the uncertainty of Covid-19.

For many employees, the pandemic has put severe pressure on personal finances. Whether they have had to take pay cuts or support family members retrenched during the significant economic downturn, financial wellness, or lack thereof, has impacted the overall mental and physical health of employees the world over.

Emda Fourie, Inland Head of Consulting, Momentum Consultants and Actuaries is leading a conversation alongside Anne Grunow, FedGroup CHRO and Natasha Mariller, Organisational Development Specialist, Intelligent Debt Management about how Covid-19 is exacerbating financial stress, and how organisations can help their employees weather the economic storm.

From 17:30 to 18:15, join the Financial wellness: Helping your people weather the economic storm Impact session.   

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