Makosi’s Cindy Botha joins the race for CHRO of the Year 2023


Cindy Botha has been nominated for the 2023 CHRO Awards.

Cindy Botha, vice president of people and engagement at Makosi, has been nominated for the 2023 CHRO Awards.

Cindy, who first joined Makosi in 2021 as head of people, quickly rose to her current position at the business consultancy group.

Prior to joining Makosi, Cindy was the Southern Africa HR cluster lead and sub-Saharan Africa employee relations lead at the British Council for three years. She was also an HR and recruitment manager for both the tax and assurance divisions at EY.

Cindy holds a number of short-term qualifications including certificates in HR and hiring practices and advanced labour relations management from Unisa, leadership development executive coaching programme from Crestcom Leadership Training.

The annual CHRO Awards recognise CHROs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions and award them for outstanding performance and leadership. Billed as the Oscars of HR, the ceremony will host top CHROs, VIPs and business partners for an exquisite evening of networking, entertainment and fine cuisine.

The CHRO Awards will be taking place on 14 November 2023. Reserve your seat here.


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