Sanlam sponsors HR and Technology award


Managing executive of Sanlam Corporate Distribution Viresh Maharaj will give the award on 26 November.

“Covid-19 has amplified the importance of human capital’s role in enabling organisations to be resilient to the challenges of a dynamically changing world, including the impact of working from home,” says actuary at Sanlam Corporate, Viresh Maharaj. Sanlam is sponsoring the HR and Technology Award at this year’s CHRO Awards.

Viresh says that Sanlam decided to sponsor this award because the lockdown has accelerated the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technological solutions to empower human capital to remain effective despite the constraints faced by employers. “The ability to leverage next-generation technology to manage critical functions can be the difference in empowering human capital teams to stay relevant in the lives of employees,” he says.

The HR and Technology Award speaks not only to the HR leaders who have overseen successful technology adoption in their organisation during Covid-19 but also during the previous two years. Companies that had achieved a robust technical infrastructure and shift to paperless processes were, by definition, best equipped to face the disruption caused by the unpredictable impact of the pandemic.

“We’ve witnessed the impact of technologically engaged employers in our specific areas of expertise, retirement fund administration and financial inclusion, as we have implemented seamless electronic interfaces with our clients over the past few years that save human capital teams time, effort and money while enhancing their employees’ experience of their retirement funds and insurance,” says Viresh. Sanlam’s decision to sponsor the HR and Technology Award allows the company to profile the opportunity for human capital teams to implement next-generation retirement funding technology solutions to engage their employees more effectively.

“We empathise with and share in the challenges faced by South Africa’s employers and employees. To this end, we believe that our technology can unlock the opportunity for employers to optimise operations while connecting employees seamlessly with their retirement funds. There’s never been a better time to explore how such technology improves the lives of your employees,” says Viresh.

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