SAP Concur webinar reveals why employee experience matters


Transform your business by increasing efficiency, promoting user satisfaction, and boosting employee engagement.

In a webinar sponsored by SAP Concur Marco Dal Moro, lead of SAP Concur centre of excellence, Greg Cubitt, senior regional solutions consultant and regional sales manager, Ntokozo Mtshali unpacked why employee experience matters.

Marco started his presentation by saying that today it is more important than ever for businesses to attract and retain the best talent; mainly because mobility has never been so high as it is today.

He explained that people in HR know better than anyone that one of the most important points of human capital management is processes like employee hiring and employee safety.

“So, when you have the ability to drive productivity from the very beginning of the employee journey, you are making an impression that lasts. And what we’re trying to say here is that there is a way to transform your business by increasing efficiency through delivering duty of care, promoting user satisfaction, and boosting employee engagement – revolutionising, therefore, the travel and expense process right off the gate.”

The challenges of CHROs

Marco shared some of the challenges CHROs face constantly. “CHROs face a lot of pressure to manage the workforce from recruiting to onboarding, to retirement and attrition,” he said, adding that these are just broad strokes.

These challenges also include:

  • Satisfying of duty of care compliance:
  •  Low satisfaction with travel and expense tools
  •  Not having a mobile app-based solution
  •  Manual and paper-based travel and expense processes
  •  Lengthy reimbursement cycle
  •  Minimal flexibility in booking and purchasing

Solutions organisations need
Marco said the question is how organisations provide guidance and oversight during purchase. And how do they gain the visibility they need across spending without having timely integrated analytics to keep track of them?

“You need a solution that first of all will improve employee experience and does so by leveraging top-rated mobile apps, intuitive tools, and easy-to-navigate spend policies to improve employee satisfaction with your travel and expense processes,” he said.

“The second pillar is employee engagement, to improve employees’ productivity and keep them focused on their job by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and automating manual tasks.

“And the third pillar is to help you fulfill the duty of care, this reduces risk and increases the wellbeing of your employee by locating, communicating, and assisting them during emergencies, which is something that 10 years ago, would have been reserved for CEOs.”

Creating positive employee experiences

Marco highlighted that 64 percent of organisations say employee experience is one of the most important factors considered when purchasing technology.

He shared the challenges and solutions to creating an employee experience: “In creating a positive employee experience, the challenges include the fact that we are all on the go, in work and in life, and you can't really afford to be tied to your desk.”

The other challenges are:
1. Enabling mobile experience
2. Navigating policies is hard
3. Limited choice of brands to book
4. Time-consuming reimbursement processes
5. Complex tools
6. No visibility into claim status

He shared that the solutions to these challenges are quite clear. “You need a solution that gives the employee one of the most liked and top-rated applications in the industry, that has policy guidance built-in, and gives employees the flexibility to book brands they already like.”

Greg also highlighted that the integration with SAP Concur SuccessFactors, which is its HCM solution system, helps to improve the employee experience by being able to leverage top-rated mobile applications that are easy to navigate, and also increase employee engagement.

“Concur integrates with SuccessFactors, which are your master data source for all your employee information. As changes happen on your employee master data system, these changes propagate automatically and seamlessly to the concur system,” he said.

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