Tantaswa Fubu to deliver keynote address at HR Indaba


Barloworld’s Tantaswa Fubu will delve into the evolution of HR and post-pandemic lessons learnt.

Barloworld group executive: people and transformation Tantaswa Fubu will open the 2022 HR Indaba by shedding light on how HR has been thrust into greater responsibility following the Covid-19 pandemic, which posed the biggest challenge to the HR profession.

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In her address, Tantaswa will discuss the phenomenal opportunity that the profession is now presented with in a post-pandemic world of work.

She will also discuss how the renewed focus around employees means issues around mental wellness, the great resignation, hybrid working and post-pandemic EVP are having to be incorporated into business strategies thus requiring HR stewardship.

In a previous article Tantaswa shared that she had suffered from depression and how she used her experience to champion mental health at Barloworld.

In another article she highlighted how the pandemic had sparked a need to have empathetic leaders. She said the current era requires leaders who have internalised what it really means to lead with empathy. “They will be the leaders who have wrestled with how to prioritise all the stakeholders, not just the shareholders. And they will be the leaders who have a true understanding of how to treat our people in the most decent and dignified manner,” she said.

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