Terryn Palani has joined Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA)


The Group Head: People Experience says she is excited about joining the company.

In her new role, Terryn Palani, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s group head: people experience, is responsible for designing and delivering HR solutions that guide employees through the critical moments of their lifecycle and takes the lead in creating the workplace conditions and interactions that bind them to the enterprise.

She also encourages employee engagement across the company’s footprint of 14 countries in Africa. “People experience encompasses all aspects that inform the employee’s workplace experience, and my role ensures that these processes, methodologies and solutions are cutting edge, continually evolving and speaks to the requirements of an agile, flexible workplace of the future,” she says.

“A critical focus of the role is the management and evolution of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s (CCBA) organisational culture through the regular baselining of the culture and subcultures in countries, functions and teams, the identification of areas for cultural focus and leading efforts to evolve components of the organisational culture for the group of companies,” Terryn shares.

Her other focus areas include acting as the business owner for Digital HR and partnering closely with CCBA’s IT team and the Centre for Business Process Excellence (CBPE) to identify HR business needs and to select, design and deploy HR systems.

She says the experience at CCBA in the last couple of weeks has been welcoming, supportive and stimulating. “I have been given the opportunity to meet with most of the senior leadership of all 14 countries, including the group exco and key members of all the company’s operations. I will meet the remaining leaders over the coming weeks,” she says.

“Every engagement leaves me in awe of the collective sense of purpose and passion demonstrated by everyone I have engaged with, across various levels and functions. This extends to our economic inclusion initiatives in the communities we serve and our focus on environmental responsibility. CCBA has a very inclusive, people-centric culture that extends beyond its employees.

“I am excited about joining the CCBA team as my passion for creating innovative solutions and my purpose around making a meaningful contribution to the company and society at large are fully aligned in the creation of this new people experience function that I have the privilege of building,” she adds.

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