Toni De la Harpe moves up the corporate ladder


Toni De la Harpe has been promoted to general manager for employee experience and enablement at Nando’s.

Toni first joined Nando’s 13 years ago as a learning and development trainer in the Eastern Cape, later being promoted to general manager for learning and development for Nando’s South Africa in 2016. Her career has been a steady climb since.

Toni shares that she has reached greater heights in her career by pursuing her studies and applying herself in the various roles she’s occupied over the years. With combined industry experience of over four decades, her hard work, resilience and her great display of leadership proved to many what a force she is and how indispensable her contributions are to the success of Nando’s as a brand.

Nando’s, according to Toni, has and continues to commit to bridging the gender gap in the workplace. The company is also passionate about recognising women for the great work they do and rewarding them by making sure they are empowered and given the support to become great leaders.

Toni shares how “liberating” it is to work for Nando’s. “We work in a place where we feel completely free and also deeply connected to others. The values of Nando’s are aligned to my personal values: pride, passion, courage, integrity and family. I have been fortunate to work for the most inspiring women leaders and mentors and I have had the opportunity to grow and develop over the years.”

In her new role Toni says she is looking forward to greater collaboration within the people functions, a fresh approach to their wellness strategy and enhancing the current talent strategy so that it is fit for future growth.

“I am looking forward to creating a centre of excellence that adds value to the overall business as we continue to enable growth and development for our Nandocas,” she says.

“All Nandocas have natural gifts and abilities, and at Nando’s, we aim to nurture and develop talent and provide opportunities for all Nandocas to reach their full potential. We have a wide range of learning and development opportunities for all, ensuring that the right training, tools and resources are available for our people to reach their full potential,” she adds.

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