The time is now to incorporate sustainable business practices


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in companies facing increasing expectations to operate in a socially conscious way. According to the Mercer Global Talent Trends Survey, 75 percent of organisations in South Africa reported environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices as a crucial focus for 2021.

Employees want to work for companies that care, and companies want to partner with ethical suppliers. Download this free whitepaper by Mercer to learn more.

Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2020–2021 highlights the importance of including ESG practices in business models to ensure organisations’ sustainability.

An organisation’s sustainability is linked to sustainability in the wider world. Companies that demonstrate their commitment to advancing ESG practices are likely to experience a variety of benefits, including:

  • Adding value and reducing risk
  • Bolstering a company’s reputation
  • Attracting diverse talent

Download this whitepaper by Mercer to read more about the benefits of advancing ESG practices.


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