Anthea Seafield has left the South African Post Office


The former SAPO Group Executive of Human Capital is now running her own consultancy.

Anthea Seafield has left her role as the Group Executive of Human Capital at the South African Post Office (SAPO). An HR professional with 22 years of experience, Anthea felt it was time to spread her wings and now runs her own consultancy, through which she will be sharing her expertise in change management, human resource and leadership development, and organisational development, which she has gained from working in the private, government and NGO sectors both in South Africa and Zambia. In her roles as HR manager and consultant, Anthea has been responsible for the development and execution of HR strategies in various organisations. 

“I am very excited about the journey ahead,” says Anthea, who will be turning her attention to various issues that she feels are not addressed enough in the workplace. 

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“There are three things in particular that I plan to focus on. I am getting involved in the LGBTI community and will be looking at developing ways to help them to build their competence in organisational development. There is very little work that is being done to ensure that people within these groups are able to flourish in the workplace. I am also be doing a lot of coaching with individuals to help them overcome whichever challenges that are preventing them from getting to the next level of their careers. Lastly, I will be doing work in financial wellness training because I think one of the biggest stumbling blocks that many employees face is that they manage their finances poorly and that ultimately results in a reduced engagement.”

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