Dumo Mbethe says a compelling EVP helps businesses attract and retain top talent

He says CHROs must be flexible and find new ways to create employee value propositions.

Momentum Corporate will be sponsoring the Employee Value Proposition Award in this year’s CHRO Awards.

Momentum Corporate's CEO Dumo Mbethe explains that CHROs are the custodians and shapers of the employee value proposition in organisations.

“We are backing this award because we believe the success of businesses and their people is our business, and that a compelling employee value proposition helps businesses attract and retain top talent. Part of an attractive employee value proposition is an employee benefits solution that thinks human first and provides for employees’ real needs throughout their life, as this forms the cornerstone of an enabling culture.

He adds when employees feel appreciated and protected, they become more engaged and invested in contributing to the success of the business.

“Covid-19 and restrictions related to the pandemic are driving the way we do things and are presenting employers and employees alike with many new challenges,” he says.

He highlights that a good CHRO understands that thinking about their employees holistically as people with evolving human needs must become a business priority and an integral part of the human capital agenda.

“As such, the CHRO must have a flexible, fresh mindset to adopt new ways of thinking about the employee value proposition, mental wellness, and performance amid new ways of working. For a CHRO to help employees achieve personal and professional success, it means understanding that overall wellness includes the financial, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the employee.”

Dumo says that at Momentum Corporate they believe in the power of partnerships, partnering with employers (most often through their CHROs as key decision-makers) and financial advisers, leveraging and leveraging data analytics and insights to inform the solutions required. Critically, they listen closely through deep engagement.

“Then we make sure that, together, we co-craft solutions that will ultimately deliver on the objectives the employer has for their employees, who are our members. For this reason, we want CHROs to see us as a strategic partner, not a provider or supplier.

“We also support the CHRO with relevant, practical information about the challenges that employees experience in a changing world of work, and we provide solutions that talk to the heart and not the organogram,” he concludes.