Empower HR with the right tools to support business objectives

FlowState80 CEO Mark Kayser says with the right tools, HR can be a strategic business partner.

Strategic HR management can only be effective if human resources play a crucial role as a strategic partner when company policies are created and implemented. Strategic HR can be visible through various activities including training, hiring and rewarding employees.

It also involves finding strategies that can have a direct impact on a company’s growth. HR leaders should, for example, adopt a strategic approach to developing new talent and retaining existing staff.

Adapting to the ever-changing landscape is an ongoing challenge for most HR professionals. Speed of execution is the key to driving transformation, and strategic programmes play a critical role in keeping businesses competitive and relevant.

However, executing these programmes without the right framework is tough. Businesses need the strategic direction and more importantly, executive buy-in. Then the budget needs to be allocated and the execution team needs to be appointed and aligned with clear achievable targets and an understanding of who needs to do what and by when.

Every programme and programme team is different, but there is a lot of common practice in the way organisations use internal tools to drive the programme forward in a predictable way.

Keeping executives and the programme team on top of all the moving parts is not easy. Programme managers typically agree and run agile and waterfall frameworks to keep things standardised and predictable. They typically leverage meetings as the cornerstone of collaboration, preparing PowerPoint presentations to share information and status reports.

In a recent survey, our key findings highlighted three points of frustration for programme managers. The majority of their time is spent preparing reports (40 percent), in meetings (50 percent) and email happens all of the time, including in meetings.

 It requires a superhuman effort for programme managers to drive the programme forward in a predictable way, keeping executives and the team on top of all the moving parts. It’s no wonder that 70 percent of strategic transformations fail to achieve their goals.

Our goal has been to disrupt the violations of common sense in the programme ecosystem and bring the team together in a single ecosystem. This will reduce the wasted effort moving work forward with five clear goals:

  1. Improve programme success with a solution designed for programme delivery;
  2. Improve collective productivity and the purpose driven-team culture;
  3. Reduce time in meetings and action and decision performance;
  4. Reduce wasted effort with manual reports; and
  5. Reduce email frustrations.

This framework goes beyond solving these challenges and frustrations, it provides new methods for programme teams to deliver work with less work noise, less admin and frustrations and bringing on more automation and strategic insight.

All-in-one productivity and collaboration software solutions like FlowState80 help purpose-driven teams work smarter and save time, enabling them to collaborate more effectively, in meetings, projects and across activities. This smart technology turns data into real-time information that is easily accessible, visible and meaningful.