HR community to hear about ways to tackle predatory behaviour in the workplace


In an upcoming webinar, a panel of experts will discuss the raw reality of #MeToo and what HR can do.

CHRO South Africa will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 2 September wherein an esteemed panel of experts will explore sexual discrimination and predatory behaviour in the workplace. With Women’s Month in South Africa coming to an end, it is clear that a lot still needs to happen to eradicate all instances of gender-based violence not only in our places of work but in society as a whole. 

Christelle Colman, MD of Elite Wealth Assets Insurance, Tantaswa Fubu, group executive: human capital at Barloworld, and Fiona Leppan, director at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr will discuss the manner in which HR professionals are steering the ship towards change.

“If predatory behaviour can be stamped out in the workplace, it can be stamped out in society,” believes Fiona Leppan. “Predatory behaviour can take many forms and has disastrous implications for people’s lives and careers, but also for organisations.”

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Tantaswa says that she agreed to speak on the topic because she believes that “neither organisations nor HR know how to deal with the issue of predatory behaviour and gender-based violence. Corporates are very good at providing support and counselling after the fact. As organisations, shouldn’t we be using our time, energy and resources to ensure that our employees don’t encounter any form of abuse?”

The #MeToo movement created the opportunity for survivors to speak out and shattered the isolation and stigmatisation that survivors of sexual crimes often experience, with even more people coming forward to share their experiences as a result. But, how can HR professionals create a safer workplace and help the survivors in their organisation get the justice they need? Better yet, what role can HR play to eradicate gender-based violence in the workplace and ultimately in society. 

Join this candid and practical discussion, which will be led by CHRO South Africa head of marketing Judith Kamffer, at 11 am on Wendnesday 2 September. 

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