Lauren Wortmann says CHROs who embraced technology reduced employees’ anxiety levels

DiData recognises the role played by CHROs to enable ethical business practice.

Information technology services company Dimension Data will be sponsoring the HR & Technology Award at this year’s CHRO Awards.

Dimension Data’s head of applications for Southern Africa, Lauren Wortmann, says that at DiData they recognise the strategic role that CHROs play as they enable ethical business practice and continuity, especially over the last 18 months of exceptional difficulty during the pandemic.

“We believe CHROs who partner with CIOs and the IT function to drive business value, are unlocking the transformative power of technology in their business. When we launched our Smart Virtual Workplace solution to the market in 2020, we consulted with leaders, particularly CHROs, who accelerated the adoption of digital solutions to not only drive productivity but also to continue to connect with their customers.

“They prioritised, through technology solutions, the health and mental wellbeing of their employees. At the time many CHROs had to find cost-effective solutions to enable productivity and collaboration.”

Lauren shares that as the pandemic progressed they were able to realise the value of a hybrid workplace and saw how important employee experience is and how organisations are beginning to drive value through employee wellness programmes.

She adds that technology enabled organisations to continue to collaborate, communicate and provide secure access to business data during periods of lockdown, when employees couldn’t physically attend work. “The CHROs who embraced technology, reduced the level of anxiety faced by their employees and enabled secure collaboration through tools that delivered results for the business. To that we pay homage.”