Momentum sponsors CHRO Awards' Employee Value Proposition Award


Blessing Utete explains the importance of a good employee benefit structure. 

Momentum Consultants and Actuaries will be sponsoring the first-ever CHRO award for employee value proposition, the winner of which will be announced during an exquisite gala dinner on 27 November 2019 at Summer Place in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, where the CHRO of the Year will also be announced. In this article, Momentum Consultants and Actuaries executive director Blessing Utete explains why they are committed to employer brand excellence and offering a relevant and successful employee benefit structure.

To what extent do you believe HR leaders are critical to the success of businesses and why is it important to celebrate those that execute their roles effectively? 

Achieving business success requires adaptive, competitive, skilled staff, and a culture that fosters attracts and retains top talent. Without insightful HR leaders and strong teams to support them, effective talent management is impossible. HR has an essential role in managing talent and providing an enhanced experience for employees. Not only does this ensure that employees are happier, but it also makes them more invested in the company’s success. The success of a business depends heavily on the engagement of its employees, as happy, engaged employees are more effective and productive. Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges in today’s workforce, and HR teams must constantly find the best engagement strategies for their employees in order to build a positive and engaging culture. We must celebrate those who help achieve this, as a happy, content and recognised HR department makes for a happy and engaged workforce.  

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing the HR profession? 

Companies are facing increasing challenges with employees not working as efficiently as they should. This has an overall negative impact on company profits, culture and employee morale. The new generation of employees is fast becoming a larger part of many companies’ staff composition. HR’s challenge is to understand today’s staff landscape, the reasons why their workforce is potentially not making the contribution that the company was hoping for, and how best to serve the changing needs of the new generation of employees. 

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HR professionals’ frustration is further increasing, as the advice they are receiving from their corporate financial advisers, is not improving the financial outcomes for their employees as expected from their current employee benefit structures. It is clear that the current traditional advice strategy they have in place no longer works.

Why has momentum chosen to sponsor the employee value proposition award in particular? What are your views around employee value proposition in South Africa at the moment? 

Momentum Consultants and Actuaries believe that a relevant and successful employee benefit structure is the foundation of a compelling employee value proposition, while innovation and best-of-breed solutions are the building blocks of this foundation.

Momentum Consultants and Actuaries are in touch with the direction in which the world is moving. We understand what it takes to serve the changing needs of the workforce of today; therefore, we have chosen to sponsor the employee value proposition award. We want to celebrate the success of those HR professionals across industries who make it their daily task to build a compelling employee value proposition to inspire their company’s workforce to add the value their business expects of them. 

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