MultiChoice’s Clement O'Reilly nominated for 2023 CHRO Awards


Clement aims to keep diversity a key focal point in his organisation this year.

Clement O'Reilly, group executive head of HR at MultiChoice Group, has become the latest nominee for the 2023 CHRO Awards.

Clement has been in the position since December 2020. Prior to this, he worked as the head of total reward and operations at the same company for three months.

He holds a number of qualifications including a public relations diploma, management services diploma and a certification in new manager programmes. At present he is completing a CPO programme with Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Describing his career transition from IT to HR, he says it was mostly his passion for people and systems that led him on this path. “I was always responsible for people, so it wasn’t really a big divergence to move into the people space – although the volume has definitely increased.”

For 2023, he says, his team will continue with the strategy of ensuring that people are happy and fulfilled in their jobs, thereby ensuring talent attraction and engagement. “Our people teams proudly rally around a simple motto of building tomorrow’s business through great people now,” he says.

The annual CHRO Awards recognise CHROs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions and award them for outstanding performance and leadership. Billed as the Oscars of HR, the ceremony will host top CHROs, VIPs and business partners for an exquisite evening of networking, entertainment and fine cuisine.

The CHRO Awards will be taking place on 14 November 2023. Reserve your seat here.

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