SPAR Group's Thuli Tabudi nominated for 2020 CHRO Awards


Thuli, who has worked in the retail industry for 24 years, joined SPAR in 1999.

Thuli Tabudi, group HR executive at the SPAR group, has been nominated for the CHRO Awards, which will be held on 26 November 2020 at Inanda Club in Johannesburg. The event will give HR directors and CHROs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions alike an opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their exceptional performance and leadership. 

Thuli joined the company in 1999. Thuli has been in the retail industry for 24 years and has worked for various large companies before joining SPAR. 

In 1988, Thuli completed a secretarial diploma, then while working as a secretary, enrolled with the University of South Africa (UNISA) to complete her B.Admin degree. She then went on to do her B.Admin Honours, followed by her Master’s and PhD degrees at the University of Johannesburg. 

Spar Group’s presence in South Africa all the way back in 1963, during the emergence of grocery chains in the country, when a group made up of eight wholesalers was given exclusive rights to the SPAR name and brand and serviced 500 small retailers.

Over time and through many mergers and takeovers, today the Spar Group now operates six distribution centres and one Build it distribution centre, supplying goods and services to over 1,000 Spar stores across Southern Africa. It is headquartered in Durban, South Africa. 

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