Verna Robson nominated for the 2022 CHRO Awards


Sun International group human resources director has been nominated for her contribution in HR.

Verna Robson, Sun International’s group human resources director has been nominated for the 2022 CHRO Awards.

Verna is a legal graduate. She moved into the HR environment due to wanting to ensure that the labour laws are interpreted in a simple manner and for both employees and employers to understand their rights and obligations.

She has been the group human resources director for Sun International for the last six years.

As an HR leader, Verna is motivated by the people of Sun International, its values and culture and the fact that it is a fun place to work in.

She has led a few projects pertaining to large redesigns of the business, changing the company’s remuneration methodology and benefits structures and assisting in the digitisation of the business.

The annual CHRO Awards recognise CHROs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions and award them for outstanding performance and leadership. Top CHROs, VIPs and business partners will attend the event to enjoy networking, entertainment and a scrumptious dinner.

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