Tamara Parker hopes the CHRO Awards winners and nominees inspire their peers to be brave.

Tamara says being associated with the CHRO Awards is not only inspiring – it’s a historical moment!

Mercer, a leading global HR consulting firm will be sponsoring the Young CHRO of the Year Award at this year’s CHRO Awards.

Mercer South Africa CEO Tamara Parker says the Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the important role HR plays in business outcomes.

“Operating against the backdrop of Covid-19 has been a daunting time for many organisations. Yet despite the complexities, the HR community has seen this as an opportunity to redefine their strategies and deliver innovative approaches with the employee in mind. That’s why being associated with the CHRO Awards 2021 is not only inspiring – it’s a historical moment!”

She adds that for the discerning CHRO it is important to keep abreast of global talent trends, design a flexible approach to an evolving business landscape and still address today’s realities.

“Today’s CHRO prioritises the voice of the employee and data to design HR strategies where practices, policies and programmes are people-centric. Whereas CEOs are in the business of business, CHROs are in the business of people – turning employee actions into business outcomes, productivity into profitability, innovation into reputation, and employee engagement into customer satisfaction.”

Tamara hopes the winners, as well as nominees, inspire their peers and rising stars in the HR profession to innovate, continue to learn and share their expertise, “Be brave – continue to see opportunities and build a brighter future.”