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HR: The synthesis of human and tech

If data is the new oil, then HR analytics is the refinery that distils the resulting insights into liquid gold writes John Skelton, chief people officer The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts and 2022 CHRO Awards nominee.

Your organisation’s wisdom at your vocal command

The Great Transition is a period of profound digital transformation where organisations worldwide learn to harness the true potential of both the data they generate daily – and the waves of technological innovation that break upon their shores with increasing frequency, writes Peter Turner, co-founder of Beeline Learn.

Unpacking tall poppy syndrome

Pamela Xaba is the founder of Nonkosi Creatives, and has over two decades of experience as a corporate HR professional. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion both in workspaces and society.

Who guards the guardians?

The effects of an always on culture are detrimental to C-Suite HR executives mental wellbeing writes professional certified integral coach Trish Lees.

Fix your crown, queen

Queen bee syndrome asserts that successful women leaders deliberately obstruct the opportunities and advancement of their female colleagues.

Four megatrends impacting HR

From climate change to burnout to managing contingent workforces, here are the megatrends affecting the world of work.

Beefing up the skills gap

Upskilling the workforce in the agricultural sector has been critical, says HR manager Cindy Nkgoeng.

In-demand skills right now

Demand for certain skills goes through lulls and booms, according to the Skills Development Corporation.

New jobs are emerging

It is estimated that 97 million more jobs will emerge to adapt to the new division of labour.